Lagar Santa Catarina

Lagar Santa Catarina is a small family business founded in 1913 by Manuel Belchior Pereira and located in the village of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, a parish in the municipality of Tavira. The business has been carried on by his nephew, Alberto S. P. Rocha, who still helps run the firm, aided by his sons.


Throughout all these years, the owners have faced the constant challenge to invest in the best technology, innovation and quality customer service.

The progress and investment have been ongoing, and today they have the most modern technology in olive presses, from the reception of the fruit, to the extraction, storage and packaging of the olive oil. Various modifications were made over the course of the years, major changes being the transfer from manual to hydraulic processing in 1941, and the installation of continuous lines in 1991, as well as ensuring compliance with the legal requirements for food quality and safety through the implementation of the HACCP system.